Scales and Methodology



The seminar “Scales and Methodology” investigates typological questions and developments of hybrid buildings by means of an integrated design and research approach. This semester we will deal with the implications of verticality for the conception of hybrid typologies. You will learn to develop aspects and criteria of analysis, learn to use comparative visualization (comparative spatial analysis, morphological examination, mappings) and simulation standards (e.g. Space Syntax) and to document, present and discuss the results within the framework of the seminar.

The analytic results will be used to question and understand the scope and properties of a type. The course is subdivided into two phases. Within the Typological Case Study, a set of reference projects will be analyzed and documented in various scales using several methods of representation and analysis. Within the Typological Case Re-Study, the same set of reference projects will be modified and re-adapted according to new programmatic parameters. You will work in small groups and all steps will be discussed in presentations. In the end, this comparative study on verticality in hybrid typologies will be presented in a final presentation/exhibition.

First Meeting

If you are interested in this seminar please come to the first meeting on 17.10.2017, 11.00, room 204a.
All further information and instructions will be given there.