Soft Horn – Hard Horn

Infrastructures for Istanbul

Through History the settlement on Bosporus has bear many names that affirmed its supreme urbanity : Byzantium, Constantinople and its current name Istanbul. The last one, derived from the Greek phrase Eis Tan Poli, meaning in the city, shows that Istanbul was called only „the city“ and was representing the idea of THE urban settlement for many who would visit, read about it or just listen to the stories about its splendor. The urban palimpsest that we are able to read and analyze today is a mixture of glorious pasts, failed futures and opportunistic presents, which creates a complex high dense urban tissue with occasional “detached areas”, as leftovers of an uncontrolled urban planning. One of these detached areas is the topic for our master project. Located in the center of Istanbul at the mouth of the Golden Horn it is a location that offers a rich and complex cultural and historic context. Despite its great possibilities, the area has been neglected by the contemporary aggressive urban interventions focused in the periphery of the city.

As Masterthesis we would like to take advantage of this complexity and turn it into an opportunity. We want to stitch the two sides together and integrate the detached strip of land in its urban context, promoting the creation of quality public space. The idea is to plan one or several infrastructures that respond to the contemporary social, political, ecological and / or economic challenges of the city and allow to provide meaning and identity to a privileged location.